The Old Town is teaming with restaurants in every alley and corner. Here is a shortlist of my three favourite restaurants in Dubrovnik to help you make good food choices. I have also included some things you should know before you order.

Weird Dining Customs

Do not ask to split the bill, you will get a very angry reaction as for some reason restaurants are not equipped to do this and they pay per card used. If you want to do half cash and half card that will also be a problem so if you are dining in big groups ALWAYS go to the ATM first.

Service is unfriendly, if you want something you will probably have to ask multiple times until you get it and it will not be served with a smile. There is no such thing as “the customer is right” which I found out when I had to pay for the olives and bread I did not order at Matusko Wine Bar. Locals can be aggressive so be prepared for that, particularly solo travellers, you will generally feel unwelcome at most places but then there may be the odd few where you are pleasantly surprised. Service is generally terrible but the food makes it all worthwhile so just get over it and try to enjoy the amazing seafood and truffle delights on offer!


Segreto Pasta & Grill

Segreto is a true taste of Italy in Dubrovnik! I stumbled upon this little gem because I was invited there for breakfast by some friends who were staying next door. The dishes were cooked with really fresh, high quality ingredients which is really what Italian cooking is all about. I had the pasta with mushrooms and truffles and it was divine! I ordered this dish a lot in Croatia but this was the best one I had. The servers were very helpful and attentive particularly ours whose name was Ardnas!

Segreto is hidden in the maze of alleyways in the old town, you can visit their website for a location map and salivate over the delicious menu options! Definitely my favourite of the many restaurants in Dubrovnik

Arsenal Taverna at Gradska Kavana

Located on the harbour, this restaurant has the best dining location in Dubrovnik. The views are just stunning and the place encapsulates history as it used to be where ships were built and repaired. I loved the huge arches which were like windows, they had been there for centuries! The place is chic without being pretentious, so much grandeur of the actual building and the decor is simple and tasteful.

The waiters are attentive  which is pretty hard to come by at restaurants in Dubrovnik and they gave good food recommendations. I went twice to Arsenal because I really enjoyed it, they have live music on Saturdays. I had the mushroom and truffle pasta the first time which was delicious and the second time I had the seafood risotto which was also yummy!

Matusko Wine Bar

Famous for being one of the best wine bars in Dubrovnik I saw this place buzzing with people and decided to grab a bite there. The portions are small but the food is delicious!! It is located in one of the alleyways upstairs yet somehow everybody manages to find it, another indicator that this place is worth it.

I ordered the catch of the day, it was a very small fillet of fish with some veggies, they brought bread and olives to the table which I got billed for which was not a nice surprise. Please see the service section below! The prices were reasonable for what it was, however let me tell you Croatia is not cheap!

Food Prices in Dubrovnik

All 3 of these restaurants in Dubrovnik will set you back around £30 for 1-2 courses with drinks. If you compare that to England then its very reasonable as its the equivalent of dining at London’s finest establishments in the best locations (think Canary Wharf, Chelsea, Piccadilly Circus) I wouldn’t think twice to pay that there and also the seafood is fresh and delicious so I would say it is well worth it.

Eating on a Budget in Dubrovnik

I went back to Dubrovnik on a backpacking budget and was also fine as they have options. Supermarkets are not hard to find and also they have 24 hour bakeries all over which are very cost effective so if you don’t mind living off carbs then you can definitely survive on a small budget. They also have restaurants in a mid price range but generally nothing low other then bakeries in Dubrovnik’s old town. Even a simple breakfast in a cafe can cost £15-20! Stick to the bakeries and Supermarkets and you will be fine!