Alsace runs from East to West and swept in its path is Strasbourg, a beautiful city close to the border of Germany. This region has a unique fusion of German and French culture and people are really warm and friendly. Strasbourg was calling! Just looking at photos of it bewitched me and wondering through the streets with all their Alsatian charm was enchanting. The canals, bridges, flowers and cobbled streets had me under their spell. The waterways interlock across the city and are scattered with brightly painted Alsatian houses with all their original charm. The region has existed for a millennium with Notre Dame Cathedral once being the tallest building in the world! If you are looking for a magical city then Strasbourg is definitely it!

Getting to Strasbourg from London

I took a flight from London Gatwick to Paris and from Paris I took a Flixbus which took about 5 hours. It was mostly just highway driving but as we got closer to Strasbourg the landscape got greener and greener. The bus costs around €15 euros and is super comfy with charging ports for your phone, some have vending machines and there are toilets on board although they do have a break en route.

Petite France, Strasbourg

I was in Strasbourg because I had seen beautiful photos of Petite-France on Pinterest and added it to my bucket list. I was going to a wedding in Germany and I had 2 weeks either side of the trip to go wherever my heart desired and it lusted for Petite-France. This area is one of the most enchanting places I have seen in my life. It is simply stunning with the canals, flower-lined bridges, cobbled streets and Alsatian houses with all their original character. Strasbourg is beautiful overall but Petite-France was my favourite. Its a great place to just get lost and take in the charm of every cobble and beam that surrounds you!

Where to Stay in Strasbourg

If you are in Strasbourg for a city break you want to make the most of your time there by staying somewhere central. Centre-Ville is a great location as is Petite-France, these would be the ideal choice however, Strasbourg has very good transport links. I stayed with a friend about 20 minutes out of town and was able to get around easily. One night I was out late and had to make sure I made the last tram which is before 1am on weekends. Just make sure that wherever you stay has a tram-link and you will be mobile!

From Centre-Ville and Petite-France you can walk all over the center, I didn’t take trams between them or to go and see the Cathedral as its a beautiful city to walk around and everything is pretty close.

Strasbourg Restaurants

I wanted to try some authentic Alsatian dishes and what better way to start then with a flemmenkeuche! Le Pfifferbriader  was so cute and Alsatian that we couldn’t resist going in, they had little ornaments everywhere, red and white checkered table cloths and stained-glass windows. It had the feel of a family run place that had been there for generations! I had my flemmenkeuche with mushrooms and onions and it was really delicious. The base was thin and crispy and the toppings were well seasoned. We were close to the Black Forest and I wanted to try a black forest gateaux in that region so I ordered one for dessert. I usually don’t like that syrupy fruit layer in black forest but this one had real fruit and the cream was fresh. I realized I have been missing out on a real Black Forest Gateaux and I am now a fan of the real deal!

I had a really good Italian meal at La Cantina in Place du Marche Gayot. It is a hidden square in town not far from the Cathedral. I just wondered down a small alley and found a quaint little cobbled square full of restaurants. We tried the Pizza, the prawn and pesto risotto and a salad. Everything was good and I recommend it if your looking for a good Italian restaurant in Strasbourg.

If you are looking for a nice spot to brunch in Strasbourg then you must go to cafe Atlantico! It is a restaurant on a boat and its really lovely! If you go at lunchtime they have some brunch favourites like eggs benedict with salmon which is what I opted for.

Centre-Ville Strasbourg

I loved shopping in Centre-ville Strasbourg. Their were really lovely stores and a gallerie la fayette which is one of my favourite department stores, you have to drop by and pick up some Pierre Hermes macaroons, they were definitely a luxury treat for me and I devoured every bite. Centre-ville is easily accessible by tram and once your there you can walk all over by foot. I found people really friendly in Strasbourg so if you need help finding something they will point you in the right direction!

3 days in Strasbourg

To be honest I could have easily stayed there a week, I feel like I saw most things but it was so nice… I would have loved a few more days just to enjoy the city. I was really impressed with the people, the food, the architecture, the cleanliness, there was nothing I didn’t like about Strasbourg and I have put the Christmas Market on my bucket-list so I will be going back one day!