Whenever I travel I always pack a range of StarSkin face masks. Whether I am backpacking through The Amazon or lying at a beach resort in Zanzibar, I always make time to treat my skin. Particularly when backpacking, the ritual of putting on a face mask instantly gives you that dose of luxury you crave.

StarSkin VIP Bio-cellulose Masks

The most luxurious Starskin face mask for me is their VIP bio-cellulose masks. They have a gold and a diamond mask and they are both amazing! They act as a second skin and are soaked in nutrients which feed your skin for the duration of the treatment. The gold mask left my skin literally glowing and plumped up and the diamond mask gave radiance and I felt that my skin tone was more even. These are incredible after getting off a flight when your skin feels particularly dehydrated and dull. For Skin SOS keep the mask on overnight or for a prolonged amount of time, you will wake up to reveal the most amazing complexion!

Silkmud Mud Face Sheet Masks

The Starskin Mud Masks are detoxing and give you a deep cleanse. I wore mine after two days in the desert, my skin felt dirty and oily all the time and I needed it to regain balance. I felt the mud masks worked in an opposite way to the bio-cellulose masks. They are infused with kaolin clay and a silk cocoon extract and you can feel these active ingredients pulling impurities from the skin. The other Starskin face masks feed while these extract and detox. After 20 minutes I removed the mask and washed my face to reveal skin that was almost squeaky clean.

StarSkin Face Masks

The Starskin Mud Masks can be quite dehydrating if you leave them on for too long so stick to the recommended time or less depending on your skin type. I had a little redness but that is completely normal and subsided after about 15 minutes. I always use extra nourishing moisturiser after a mud mask, I love Sephora’s Instant Moisture + Cream. My skin felt clean, balanced and radiant after using Starskin’s Face Masks. I would recommend one a week and for the VIP Masks you can do it twice or even three times…trust me you will be hooked!