When researching places to stay, Media Luna Hostel kept coming up as one of the best party hostels. I had a friend coming from England to visit me so it seemed like a great place to stay as checking out Cartagena’s nightlife was definitely on our agenda!

We had pre-booked a 6 bed dormitory with air conditioning, let me tell you air-conditioning in Cartagena is everything! It is probably the most humid place I have ever been to and I have been to over 30 countries so even if you are on a budget that few extra dollars for a good night sleep will be well worth it.

As you walk in to the Media Luna hostel entrance, there is a restaurant to your left which sells a small but ample selection of food like tacos and nachos and its great for convenience. The reception is just opposite the swimming pool which is within a courtyard and all the rooms are around the courtyard. Its very colonial and located within the old-town. I personally love the old-town and recommend you stay within it, its beautiful and has plenty to see.

Media Luna Hostel Dorms

We were shown to our room, it was an 6 bed dorm. It was clean and spacious and every bed had a locked cupboard for your valuables. We chose our bunks and shortly after a couple arrived and we got chatting to them. They were really nice and we went and sat by the pool and had a drink together. They were also staying at Media Luna hostel for just the weekend to party. It was definitely a party hostel! Even at around 5pm people were pretty merry and jumping into the pool, it was entertaining to watch for a few minutes but then we decided to go and explore.


Media Luna bar/club was just upstairs which was one of the most popular clubs in town. It was closed until 9 or 10pm so we headed  down Calle Media Luna and bar hopped along the strip of bars and clubs. We also had a bite to eat as their are many restaurants and an unusual number of pizza places! We went to Cafe Havana too which is beautiful, a great little spot with a very nostalgic feel, especially on the live music nights.


So I told you about the restaurant, it is only open at certain times though but the street has a lot of restaurants so you will never starve. They have an open air kitchen with a fridge to store food, we put our remaining pizza in there  with a threatening “Do NOT eat!” written on the box but it still got eaten by someone so I would not recommend keeping food there. Think of it as a donations fridge! There is a room where you can sit and watch movies with a computer and some sofas to read. It is usually empty and a good escape! The best party in town is literally upstairs so you can fall into bed afterwards. They also book tours and transportation, we booked our bus to Tayrona National Park through them.

Media Luna hostel is in a really popular nightlife spot and a good place to stay for a weekend but aside from that, the hostel doesn’t sleep so its not ideal for relaxation. I loved my time there and even extended my stay, I definitely recommend it to my party people but was definitely ready to move to El Viajero Hostel by the end of my 4 days.