Beautifully located along the river, just by the Tower of London, you will find 8 pop-up Igloos outside Coppa Club. They are a great option for a wintery night out in London!

Always spoilt for choice in London, from restaurants, to events, to bars on every corner, you also have the opportunity to attend exclusive pop-ups that appear for a short time. The London Igloos are a popular choice, I had heard that Coppa Club is no longer taking bookings for them which they do state on their website but they have a few daily walk-in slots.

I went with a party of 7 and luckily a group that hired an igloo for 8 did not show up so we got to have it. They are so nice inside, the chairs are lined with sheepskin rugs and there are heaters to make it extra cosy. It was the first time I had sat and enjoyed views of the Shard in Winter without feeling cold. Some of them don’t have dining tables but instead are like a lounge and they each have speakers so you can listen to music.

There was no minimum spend or cover charge, we ate dinner and had drinks which were really fairly priced. Dinner ranged from £7 – £20 and you could have a range of foods from pizzas to steaks. You can see the menu here, its also a nice place to go and have a coffee.

I had a great time and would highly recommend visiting the London Igloos at Coppa Club. They have a 2 hour time limit and are so cosy that you don’t wanna leave. I know they are closing soon but I can’t seem to find dates anywhere for how long they are there until. If you are in the area, they are definitely worth checking out!

Photo Credit:Coppa Club