I have made it to Dubrovnik! I have waited for this for over a year as one of my best friends is getting married here and 70 of us are here for her wedding, its going to be a great week!!

The Adriatic Sea forms a gorgeous blue backdrop to the city of Dubrovnik. The maze of cobbled streets in the old city had me wondering just how many civilisations have walked these streets since the 16th century. I have never seen so many tourists in my life, the Old City is overcrowded with tourists and the locals make you feel pretty unwelcome as you can tell they are fed-up with tourists too. They have that “give me your money and get out” attitude which was the only negative about Croatia in general. Aside from that it is an amazing place and maybe worth coming to off-peak as it is a quarter of the price and less crowded however I suppose it was all part of the experience.

Island Tours

You are never short of activities due to it being such a hub for tourism, you can be ferried to nearby islands, do an Elafiti island tour (3 islands), go to Lapad and charter a boat, go kayaking, do a Game of Thrones walking tour, walk the city walls and of course just enjoy roaming the ancient city.

Pirate Ship Tour

As a group we had pre-booked a Pirate ship tour of the Elafiti islands which was really fun. We had an entire deck to ourselves, there was around 50 of us, and it was a great day out. You spend 45 minutes at the first two islands, Lopud and Sipan, and 4 hours at the last one as it is the biggest and has the nicest beaches. The boat had live entertainment and a bar so we had a bit of a party on deck and then you get served lunch on board after the 2nd island. On the final island of Kolocep you can rent bikes and cycle to the other side of the island where the beaches are nicer or just get a little golf-buggy taxi across.

One of our friends got hurt while cycling and he ended up losing a toenail, we found him bleeding on the floor (it was pretty bad as he ended up getting stitches) and I was gobsmacked that no locals would help him! We offered to pay them to take him back to the main strip where he could get help, they were taxi’s so that was in fact their job but they refused to help until a lot of tourists made a lot of noise. It was insane! I have never seen people with so little compassion and I think for a lot of us, the attitude of people there tainted our trip and sadly it was the vast majority of people. Other then that we enjoyed our day together, on the 3rd island a group of us jumped off the top deck of the pirate ship which was so much fun. The beaches were lovely and the water is so blue and crystal clear everywhere.

Chartering a Sailboat

In Dubrovnik, there is an area called Lapad which has a very busy beach. It is more family orientated with things to do for kids but in that area you can charter boats. Eight of us chartered a sailboat for the day and it was great.  I thought sailing just meant gliding in the wind, sunbathing and taking in all the scenery but the reality was quite different. You have to keep moving sides when the skipper shouts “TAC!”. The boat tilts so much you can’t really lie/sit on the sides as you will fall into the sea. Also there’s a big metal pole called a boom and they drop it sometimes to adjust the sail which is pretty scary as it is heavy and almost hit a couple of the girls.

The best parts were when we stopped haha, we jumped off by an island and then on the way back we stopped at this little cave. The sea was really rough when we reached the cave, it was in the side of a cliff and as the tide was rising the opening to get in was very small. When I got there it closed…typical! I did a little surface dive and managed to get in but it was nerve wracking as the wall of the cave was above me. I had to make it across the length of the wall before I surfaced and the waves kept throwing me up but I managed! We all did and it was great, actually there wasn’t anything to see in there. Just eight of us and a moment of sisterhood that we made it lol. We left shortly afterwards for fear of the tide rising and getting trapped inside.

The way back was nicer cause we just cruised at a normal angle and didn’t have to keep switching sides. I probably would do it again but I just had different expectations, now that I know I will be more prepared.

Restaurants and Night Life in Dubrovnik

Other then the day trips, we spent a lot of time in the Old City, there are some great restaurants. I enjoyed the truffle and mushroom pasta in Segreto and Arsenal! I ate truffles in everything because it is affordable there! I highly recommended the seafood, its fresh and delicious. We hung out in the Troubadour Jazz Cafe a number of times, the bands were really good there. The Cave Bar was my favourite bar, its in Lapad and made inside an actual cave, its definitely worth seeing. For clubs Dubrovnik doesn’t have a lot of choice, there’s Revelin which is completely packed and trashy. I witnessed the bouncers physically fight with girls and throw them on the floor so I wouldn’t recommend it! Banje beach is quieter but fun if your in a group as they have good music and a great location. If you are in Croatia to club head to Hvar or Zadar.

I had a great time, my friend got married in Villa Argentina its a beautiful wedding venue. I sang as she walked down the aisle and she looked sooo beautiful! A destination wedding is probably the only time when your going to be on holiday with like 30 of your friends so it was a really great week. I am off to Split now to begin my solo adventure!

Ciao for now  x