If you are visiting the gorgeous island of Sardinia, then Chia Beach is definitely a great day out. The most beautiful beaches are in Costa Smeralda also known as the Emerald Coast, we rented a car and drove up their for the day from Cagliari.

Driving to Chia Beach

Chia Beach is only one a half hours by car from Cagliari town. You should definitely hire a car in Sardinia as taxis are scarce and the most beautiful parts are remote.The drive to Chia Beach was stunning, you drive along mountain tops and there are panoramic views for the majority of the drive. I kept stopping to take pictures and the views just keep getting better and better. Chia Beach was recommended by a local that I met at a restaurant and when I got there I really felt I had stumbled upon a hidden treasure. It was the low-season so perhaps that’s why but there were not many people there.

Chia Beach

There is a parking lot outside Aguadulci Hotel and as you walk out towards the sea you see a lake and a long wooden boardwalk alongside which takes you to the beach. There are mountains and formations in the sea and it is stunning. The water is beautiful hues of turquoise and blue. The beach is clean and sandy unlike many of the pebble beaches in Sardinia.


Unfortunately with it being May, the water was freezing but I braved the cold and went in anyways. It really was cold, initially it felt like daggers but after a few minutes I acclimatised and managed to stay in there for about 15 minutes. Of course I froze when I got out but I couldn’t go to such a beautiful beach and not swim.

Chia Tower

From that beach you can see the Chia Tower, I went there after. You climb up a mountain and it is on top. It is really worth it for the views, not a long walk at all, maybe 15-20 minutes. Once you get down there is a lovely little shack where you can have drinks and ice creams on the beach. The owner plays reggae music and it is a super chilled place to hang out.

Aquadulci Hotel

If I went back I would definitely stay in Chia for a couple of nights. I went to see the Aquadulci Hotel, not the most sparkly looking from the outside but the interior was beautiful. You can get rooms for about £120 per night. All the other hotels in the area are beautiful too but around £500 per night and Aquadulci is only 400m from the beach.