Carolines Lodging Huaraz

I booked the annex at Carolines Lodging which is next door to the hostel. It is quieter and has only private rooms, every room is ensuite and has hot water around the clock. It is ideal if you want to get down to some work, I wanted to focus on some writing. There was a communal area with a few seats and you could sit and have tea, it certainly was quiet. The hostel next door had a nice communal area. There was an internet area and a book exchange and a movie selection that you could watch in the mini-cinema.

The Dark Room

I found the room to be too cold and dark, I stayed for five days but by the end it was really depressing especially because I was sick. The owners were nice enough but I just needed a change of scene, something brighter. At just 50 soles per day ($12) for a double room including breakfast I could not complain. To have breakfast you had to go to the roof at the hostel next door which was a real struggle the first day, acclimatising to the altitude takes some time. I was out of breath after just one flight of stairs and there is four to get to the roof. It did help me gauge my adaptation to the altitude everyday though.

Value For Money

The staff were really friendly and they recommended tours and booked mine to Laguna 69. They did their best to accommodate me and it was nice for the first few days but then I just needed a change. I found the location really convenient, it was easy to get around and nice and quiet as it was still out of town. I would definitely recommend this place to budget travellers, you can book here.