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I’m Zohra, thanks for stopping by and sharing some of my stories.

You may know me as the editor of Zizzleblog, I found my readers loved the travel pages of Zizzle and it’s the part I enjoy writing the most so I created a dedicated travel blog. Wanderlust is a very real thing and I often find myself craving adventure to the point where I can’t function properly until I jet off somewhere. I feel fulfilled by foreign lands, by how much I learn and how everyday is a surprise. I love not knowing what might happen tomorrow, who I might meet and what they might teach me. I have met some amazing, lifelong friends on my travels and despite travelling alone I often meet people who share my adventures with me. The world is a beautiful place and I feel a sense of purpose when I travel and discover new ways of life.

This is my space for me to share my adventures with you, I want to share my highs and lows and I hope that if you go somewhere I have been, I can help you plan your journey with my recommendations. I have always been quite the daredevil and I am sure you will be entertained by my inner adrenaline junkie that loves to surface abroad. I also love discovering new cultures, their traditions and ways of life and of course sampling their exotic dishes. I am a self confessed foodie, you will not see me eating bugs or snakes because they freak me out but you are likely to find videos of me daring someone else to and definitely recommendations for what and where you should eat!

I hope you enjoy the parts of my travel diary that I have shared with you, I would love to hear from any guest bloggers and your feedback is always welcome.

Lots of Love

Zohra x[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]